Welcome to the New Chesty Island!

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New Look!

Come in! Make yourself at home. This is the newest and cleanest incarnation of our website! Meant to be easier to use, the website adopts a simple red, white and pink color scheme coupled with a simple clover shaped logo!

(psst…there are 5 hearts in the logo, can you find them all?)

New Comics

Two new comic series are now available along our Behind the Swimsuit series (season 2 coming up this June!)

The Story of Chester Katt and his friends as they fight to get to the top of the Tinaville Towers! The prize? A wish granted by the BIG CAT IN THE SKY!
The Meat Squad. Our last line of defense against a world turned undead! Can our heroes find the promised land for the last humans to settle in?


Chesty TV Network

We are introducing the Chesty TV Network! In it you will find our ongoing animated series, Close Enough as well as two new series:

This is the video comic version of the comic; the VIDIC!
Follow the AC Crew (the Placidone and Master Lee) as they play a wide variety of games! Endure their funny accents as they engage in all sorts of mayhem!


But wait, there is more!

More series will be coming up in the following months! A new line of 3D printed figurines immortalizing the likeness of our residents, staff and comic characters will be available for your collecting sensibilities! We also have Virtual Chesty Island in the pipeline as well as a few smaller games which will be added to the site within a year or so.

And of course, don’t miss our big summer event: the 2017 Swimsuit Season Contest! Starting June 26th, it will feature 32 contestants! A new record!

In closing, thank you very much for being with us. May your stay on our tropical paradise be the most pleasant!

Chesty Larue