Swimsuits on the Horizon!

The 2017 Swimsuit Season begins this June 26th on Chesty Island! For the third consecutive year, the island’s most famous cartoon residents will put on their best bikinis and prove which one is the queen of the summer!

As usual, you will be called upon to decide which of this year’s 32 candidates will be crowned champion! That’s right, 32 contestants! A record! Here is the roster of Bikini Queens, the good girls, and the Wild Beach, the bad girls as voted by our members back in January:

Starting June 26th, each gal will be matched against another from their team. You will vote for the girl you like best in each match-up! The winners proceed to the next round of votes. This process goes on until the final voting round to crown the champion!

Last year’s Champion was from the Bikini Queens: Gogo Tomago!

Also, be sure to follow the second season of our behind the scenes comic: Behind the Swimsuit! The Chesty Island staff is back for more wacky adventures and crunchy details on the daily life of the contestants on Chesty Island.

In closing, we hope you will enjoy your time on our little tropical paradise during our summer Swimsuit event!