Patreon is a GO!

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After putting the final touches to my very first Patreon page, it is finally live! You can see the page, my goals and the Reward tiers at the following link:

Me, I am still hard at work on this summer’s Swimsuit Season Contest! I will keep producing content throughout and keep everything updated on a regular basis!

With your help, we can make the island a virtual reality!

On a final note, I chose Patreon to provide you with the value you want for the amount you want to pitch in or not. I really don’t like ads or having my content under someone else’s control because they sponsor me; I want to be free to create what I want and what you like!

That is why I much prefer letting you decide; if what I create has value to your eyes and you want to help me create more and better things, you can do it!

Thanks again for everyone’s support!