Patreon for Chesty!

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I am finally doing it! I am building myself a Patreon page! I had been thinking about many options to help support the growth of Chesty Island and came to the conclusion that Patreon is the best option!

[Update] The Patreon page is live! You can see it at the following link:

Why? Well unlike crowd funding websites such as Kickstarter, I am always creating! I am not working on a single finite project, I am constantly working on many at a time with even greater projects in the pipeline!

What projects you might ask? Here are a few projects I want to launch with your support!

  • More Requests: I want to make even more requests for our members either myself or by enlisting the help of fellow artists.
  • More events: The Swimsuit Season Contest is Chesty Island’s biggest yearly event! But I want to make it even bigger in the following years, involve willing artists and create new events as well!
  • Animated series: I want to translate the Behind the Swimsuit on-going comic into an animated series (either 2D or 3D) and finally see a butt battle fully animated a-la- Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Virtual Chesty Island: A virtual version of Chesty Island you can explore with an avatar you customize will be at your disposal. You will be able to meet the various beauties residing on our tropical paradise, woo them with a dating-sim game and partake in beach side activities all over the island! One thing you need to remember, NEVER go to the top of the mountain!
  • Asset Repository: I want to greatly expand the Eureka Marionettes by creating an asset database where anyone can download 3D models, textures, and more. I also want to give every Chesty Member the possibility to upload their own creations to share.
  • VR Chesty Island: I want to develop a Virtual Reality version of Chesty Island for virtual reality systems allowing you to explore the island and interact with the beauties in full VR!
  • and more!

These projects are in the pipeline and will be launched as I reach my Patreon goals. Your patronage will allow me to not only work on these projects full time, but also hire talented people to help me with animation, programming, music, etc. That could be you as well!

Here at Chesty Island, the goals are big, but the will is just as big! Your help, should you feel excited about our projects, will make a big difference.

The page isn’t up just yet as I am still working on setting a variety of goals and reward levels. But as a teaser, here is the banner I will be using on the Patreon page.