Latest Results! August 25th edition

The voting period for the following match is up! Here is the result below!


Thank you for supporting your favorites and congratulations to Nami for winning the second match!

The Wild Beach and the Bikini Queens are tied! Both teams did just as good as the other with 16 wins each!

After winning two Finals matches, Nami is crowned Champion!

Nami is the Champion of the 2017 Swimsuit Season Contest!


Wrap Up

This year was the biggest edition of our contest yet! With thousands of votes through all five rounds, we withered through 32 candidates and now have our Champion: Nami!
Congratulations to Nami and to all that participated!

Phew! That was quite a ride! As promised, the models used for this year’s edition of the contest will be made available on Chesty Island. Stay tuned for an announcement in that regard!

Thank you all again for your participation! I hope you enjoyed the event. Next year will be even better!