Latest News! (September 1st 2017)

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Hello Cheesecake lovers!

Here are a few bits of news about Chesty Island for you!

2017 Swimsuit Season

The swimsuit season is over at the island. After thousands of votes, Nami came out on top! She is the 2017 swimsuit champion. Congratulations and thanks to everyone that voted! Next year will be even better.

Chesty Island Shop

The shop has been opened for about a month and there has been lots of business! Thank you to all my client for your business! Here are a few examples of the work completed:

A few new items have been added to the shop!


The Request Slots have been reset for September! Go to the Shop to reserve one today! But be nice, don’t hog them all for yourself!


Video Games!

As previously hinted at, we are building our own video games! But before we get to making the big one (Epic Oppai), we are starting smaller with an action platformer in the style of Megaman X built in Unity 5. We call our game

In it, you play as Newbie Pie, Mildred Eureka’s latest Bunny Gynoid. Your mission: clean up another one of Mildred’s Mad scientists scheme gone to hell! Here is an early mock-up of the game. It is still early in development but is coming along good!


3D Models

Now that the Swimsuit event is over, I will put 5 of the 3D models I made on the website for all to download and use anyway they want! So I will set up a poll to allow you to pick which 3D model you want to see in the selection!

Here are a few shots of some of these 3D models during the Swimsuit Contest.

That is all for now,

Stay tuned for more!