April O’Neil has taken many forms throughout the years. From her first appearance in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) comic book, to the many animated series adaptations and live action films, April had her looks, personality and occupation changed. This is the 2012 TMNT CG animated show incarnation of the character.

In this show, April is a teenager on the tomboyish side. Daughter of scientist Dr. Kirby O’Neil, April is at first glance, a typical teenager; she plays video-games, loves pizza and is somewhat rebellious. However, it is revealed throughout the series that she is not fully human but a half Kraang mutant with supernatural powers such as telepathy and extrasensory senses. Her ninjutsu training under Master Splinter completes her skill set.

She currently resides on Chesty Island after having been invited to partake in its annual summer event. There she partook in many contests and fun activities such as bikini contests.





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