Epic Oppai!

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It is finally happening! We are kicking off the development of our very first video game: Epic Oppai! What is Epic Oppai, you might ask; here are the preliminary details!

What is it?

Epic Oppai is a game set on Chesty Island featuring special kinds of gals; the Oppai Girls! The game is free to play and will allow you to explore the Oppai Girls’ world; Epic Oppai!

Seen in first person view, Epic Oppai is in 3D and features a beautifully stylized tropical world in which to interact. With many dwellings and locations to visit as well as many different Oppai Girls to meet and woo, you will have plenty to do!

What is an Oppai Girl?

An Oppai Girl is a line of engineered human, created by our resident mad scientist, Mildred Eureka. Each Oppai Girl is cloned after three of the many famous cartoon characters who visited the island.

As such, they share many of their physical and mental traits but are their own persons! Also, they are Oppai Magic Users! Oppai Magic is like regular magic but is stored in an Oppai Girl’s boobs. As such, the bigger the boobs, the more powerful the Oppai Girl! Also, they use them to shoot their magic spells at intruders: you!

Here are the profiles of the first two Oppai Girls:

Oppai Girl 1

Progenitors: Marge Simpson, Mystique and Queen Elsa

Bust Size: C. Average Oppai Magic

Oppai Magic: Ice Shot; she can send cold shots from her boobs which freeze what they touch!

Character: Like Marge, Oppai Girl 1 is very sweet and demure, but if she gets crossed, she will become as angry and prone to violence as Mystique! Queen Elsa gifted her with her ice Oppai Magic.

Oppai Girl 2

Progenitors: Android 18, Supergirl and Captain Thygh

Bust Size: DD. High Oppai Magic

Oppai Magic: Sun Shot; she can send shots of light from her boobs which burn what they touch!

Character: Like Supergirl, Oppai Girl 2 is very upbeat, facetious and fun. But, like Android 18, she hates being underestimated because she is a woman and will prove her worth even more! Captain Thygh gifted her with a big rack. The combination of these blondes generated her Sun Shot.



What do I do?

You are a guest in Oppai World. You can walk around, see the sights, visit and talk to the girls. But in reality, you could see this game as a safari of sorts where you collect Oppai Girls by infiltrating their living quarters, identify their weak spots, and use your anti Oppa Magic gun to neutralize their magic and calm them!

If you are seen, the Oppai Girl will attack you with her Oppai Magic shot from her boobs. The magic shots will come out even if she is clothed! The magic will deplete your HP as well as cause other effects. If your HP goes down to zero, you are dead! You will be given the option to quit or restart.

However, you are equipped with a nifty tool: the anti Oppai Magic gun! Aim and shoot darts at your target to neutralize an Oppai Girl’s magic and calm her down. The darts will lower the target’s Oppai Magic bar. Once it has been reduced to 0, the target is calm!

Beware; the bigger an Oppai Girl’s boobs, the bigger their Oppai Magic bar will be! Also, some Oppai Girls have protective fields or wear protective clothes. Find the best angle to shoot and avoid staying in their line of sight!

While shooting an Oppai girl anywhere on her body depletes the bar all the same, some will have weak spots! Find out about these spots by finding clues during conversations, in the environment or on the Oppai Girl herself.

Lastly, you will find keys scattered all over the place which open locked accesses.

What can an Oppai Girl do once she is my “friend”?

Once you have befriended an Oppai Girl, you have unlocked a special room in which the following activities become available:

  • Ask the Oppai girl to pose

  • Ask the Oppai girl to strip

  • Ask the Oppai girl to play with herself

  • Ask the Oppai Girl to play with you

  • Do the Oppai girl

The first option is unlocked once an Oppai Girl is befriended. The others unlock after collected enough love tokens. These tokens are obtained by having the Oppai girl partake in an activity.

Wait, is this an NSFW game?

It can be! Get to a certain point with a girl and you can virtually “doink” her in many hot positions!

How can I Help?

If you have special skills you can volunteer, drop me a line in the message section down there. From programming, 3D modelling, animation, sounds, music, etc. there is a lot to do! You can also become our patron on Patreon! Just go to our page and pledge whatever you can to help us! With your donations, we will be able to hire specialists! Also, you will be able to get special perks once the game is launched!




We are in the design and pre-production phase! This is but a small preview of what’s to come!

Stay tuned for more!