Big Boobs: Always Better?

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I recently had a small discussion with a fellow DeviantArt patron. He commented on one of my Queen Elsa and lamented the lack of big breasts on the illustration.


I then when on to explain why I didn’t think that putting big breasts on a character automatically makes her more beautiful. It went a bit like that:

“I am not sure I get your argument…How would big boobs make her more beautiful? Personally, I find her current design perfect! It is slender and graceful which matches her regal function very well. Her current figure is also more conducive to action! Makes her much more dynamic when she conjures her ice spells, almost like a dance…

Big boobs in a character must mean something. For instance, in a character like Jessica Rabbit, it fits perfectly as she is supposed to be a sexy femme fatale.


Or in Tsunade’s case, it underlines her motherly role towards Naruto and the whole of the Leaf village and her sometimes lewd dispositions.


Just like huge muscles don’t make a male character automatically more beautiful. Unless you are putting big boobs on a character for parody or porn or something, I don’t think they automatically make a character more beautiful.

My two cents!”

But how can you say that Chesty? Aren’t you a fan of ample bosoms yourself?

True! But in moderation. Especially when comes the time for me to design a female character. Just like big muscles for men, big boobs has a meaning when on a woman. Putting them in just for the sake of having them is such a waste…