3D Mix Service!

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Hello Cheesecake Lovers!

Introducing a new service:

With a 3D Mix, pick one or more babes from our catalog, and then you:


You can request a special outfit. Ex: Lois Griffin’s mid-life crisis get-up.

You can request color modifications to the selected model like a different skin tone, different hair color, etc.

You can request some feature swaps! Ex: Summer Smith with Marge Simpson’s hair.

You can request clothes swaps! Ex: Fluttershy wearing Sailor Moon’s costume.

You can request feature enhancements! Ex: Bigger or smaller boobs!


Why get the plain old babe, when you can mix it up and come up with funky new creations?


Your Creation!


Or get them au naturel, it is your choice!

Check out our ever growing catalog of 2D babes turned 3D!


Want to commission a 3D MIX?


By the way, we also offer some of our models for free! For a whole month, 5 models as voted by you will be up for download! Click the following banner to check it out!