2D to 3D!

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Hello Cheesecake Lovers!

As you might have seen, I have been working a lot on my 3D modelling skills. I have reached a decent level! So much so that I feel comfortable offering my services to you.

That’s right, I am offering a 2D to 3D service to everybody! Here is how it works:

  • In the order notes on the checkout page, paste a link to the 2D image to be converted in 3D as well as the email to which the completed job will be sent. The image must feature a single character.
  • Note that only the character will be turned in 3D; the background will remain 2D.
  • The conversion will take up to a week after reception of payment.
  • After the conversion is done, a rendering as well as the original files will be sent to you by email.

Here are a few examples of conversion I have done in the past

The price for a conversion: 35$

This includes:

  • 1 character modeled, textured and rigged in 3D on a 2D background.
  • 2 rendered images featuring the character replicating the 2D source pose (see examples above)
  • the blend and Photoshop files

For 15$ more (50$ total), give your order the EPIC OPPAI treatment!

  • Epic Oppai Treatment = bigger boobs!

Want to convert a 2D babe in 3D? Click the following link to go to the store!