Hey, Where’s the Tuna?

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Looking for the comics? I moved them on another platform! That’s right, Chesty Island will remain a cheesecake and fanservice site!

If you want to follow the adventures of Chester Katt, the Meat Squad or the any other wacky ideas that would come to my mind, you can do it at the following link for free!


The story of the MEAT Squad and their mission to cleanse the world of the undead infestation!


Chester Katt wants nothing more than meet the BIG CAT IN THE SKY! Follow his adventures as he and his friends attempt to climb up the Tunaville Towers where he is said to be.

I have published the second chapter for each of these two titles there!

I have also several other titles in the works:

An All-American super-heroine team is formed to face the perils of the Red Scare! But will the latest member, Freedom Lass, figure out her super powers before it is too late?


In a world where everyone’s power level is tattooed on their body, you DO NOT want to be the guy with a level of 0,001! Or do you?


I Shot the Sheriff: The story of a bounty hunter group lead by an immortal “cyclops” girl.


Three unlikely friends found the Wrestling Lasses all female wrestling club at their school! Time to rumble the establishment’s crusty uppity-ness with WRASSLIN!


Hey, if you like what I do, support my work on Patreon! That way, I get the resources to do more of the things you like!



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